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Wisdom teeth Extraction

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Wisdom teeth are the last molars, or best known as "third molars" that develop on each side of the jaws. Wisdom teeth usually comes out in the back of the mouth between the ages of 15-25.
Wisdom teeth are a valuable asset to the mouth when they are healthy and properly positioned. Having said this, problems can develop that need their removal. A wisdom tooth extraction is a relatively routine and common procedure. We will numb the area in your mouth with a LA [Local anesthesia or use IV sedation so you are asleep during the entire procedure.

Post Extraction:

After the tooth (or teeth) is removed, you may be asked to bite down softly on a piece of gauze for 25 to 35 minutes after you leave our dental care centre, which limit any bleeding that may occur. We would suggest you should call us, if you have prolonged pain, swelling, bleeding or fever for us to provide you appropriate medicine to address it.

There are several types of impaction based on the actual depth of the teeth within the jaw:

  • Soft Tissue Impaction
  • Partial Bony Impaction
  • Complete Bony Impaction

Reasons to remove wisdom teeth:

  • Pain
  • Swelling or infection

Causes to remove wisdom teeth:

  • Damage to nearby teeth
  • Infection
  • Tooth Crowding