Sai Dental Care Centre

21, Thanikachalam Road, T Nagar,
Chennai – 600017.
+91-98402 40707

About us

Since 2007, our Dental center in Chennai has provided patients with the best dental care treatments. Our team of highly qualified and skilled specialists, consisting of dentists are ably led by Dr. Sujatha Srinivasan in their commitment to excellence. Our Dental Center is fully equipped to provide a wide range of Dental treatments; including general dentistry, state-of-the-art Oral surgeries, implants, prosthetics, Pediatric dentistry, Endodontics, Periodontics and othodontics.

At Sai Dental Center our organization lies on our principles. We understand the complexities of dental problems and the absolute need to tackle them with proper care, which is why our sai Dental Center consist of some of the most reputed doctors in Chennai and is fully equipped with state of the art equipment.

  • Highly qualified, skilled and experienced doctors in every specialty we offer.
  • Provide proper Patient Care with Individual attention.
  • We believe in Excellence, Innovation and further Progress

Why Us?

Sai Dental Center is unique and distinctive because we incorporate qualification, skill, experience and technology all under one roof. The work of our highly skilled doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies ensures that each patient is properly treated with care. Our complete Dentistry team functions on the sole purpose of ensuring complete patient care and 100% satisfaction, and this dedication & further progress is what sets us apart from our counterparts.